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Type 2 3.3kW OCPP | Non OCPP Personal Charger

Personal AC Charger is highly compatible and easy to carry, allowing you to take it anywhere at any time. Its operations are very simple: just plug, charge, and go. Designed for flexibility and compatibility, it supports direct charging as Non- OCPP Personal AC Charger or which can connect through .Wi-Fi connection as OCPP Personal AC Charger . This personal charger is perfect for individual use and various EV models


Type 2 AC 7.4 kW charger allows you to start or stop charging with an RFID card, QR code via TUCKER APP. User-friendly application for customer usage. Users can check the voltage, current , time consumption and unit consumption on our touch display. This charger includes anin- built emergency stop button and supports communication via GSM, WiFi, and Ethernet, providing a perfect solution for light-duty EV charging needs.

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